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Signs of true love are quite confusing especially among ladies. Signs of true love remain one of the most important signs needed in love relationships. What are the signs of true love remains one of the most popular questions some of my female readers usually ask me. The truth remains that signs of true love can be misunderstood by many because people can also pretend to love. But those with eyes of an eagle can really deduce the true signs of true love from infatuated love. From research, ladies are the ones with high search for signs of true love online compared to men. This is understandable since women are more vulnerable in love relationship compare to men. In this post, I will discuss some of the signs of true love and I hope the message will be well passed. Below are the signs of true love, do share the post with your friends too:  

This means that if your partner or intended partner exhibit most or all of these signs, then he or she truly loves you; (you may also find this posts interesting; characteristics of true love, characteristics of true love ii.)
  •   If your partner shares the same future with you; yes, this is very important, if your partner does not feel that you are good enough to be his or her life partner, the person does not worth the sacrifice and does not truly love you. He or she may love you but it is not true love. True love is different from an ordinary love. True love wishes to last forever but ordinary love affair is committed but temporal.
  •  If your partner does most of the doing just to satisfy you; this means that he or she believes in sacrifice. True love believes in sacrifice, you should regularly hear him or her say, “if you are happy then, I'm happy, if you are ok, then, I’m ok” these statements will always guide your partner's actions towards you.

  •  If your partner values the relationship; your partner should be someone who values the relationship. In this regard, he or she tries everything possible to keep you going in the relationship.
  •  If your partner does not hide you from those that matters; this one is very important. Your partner should be so proud of you that he or she shows and introduces you to the friends, family members and colleagues; especially to your partner's family members. They should know you very well and you should also know them. If your partner does not tell you about the family members then, he or she will not last in your hands.
  •   Your partner must believe that both of you are one; this means that your partner should work with you. Every effort made should be for the consumption of both of you not for separate consumption. This is also very important in marriages, if both couple work together then there will be reduction in money problem in the relationship and trust will increases. If your partner does not belief in one dream and vision with you then, know that he or she may not last.
  •   Your partner must make you feel special; this means that your partner must seek for any means to impress and make you feel special. He or she must be someone that makes you feel good, makes you see your potentials and capabilities. He or she must believe in you for survival and credibility.   
Signs of true love article is part of article directory. I hope you enjoyed this article: Signs of true love. Remember to examine these signs in your partner before concluding that the love is true. Kindly share, like and comment on this article.

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