What are the qualities of true love?

Hi there, in seeking for love advice, most people have being asking for this question; ‘what are the qualities of true love?’ I have written some series on the characteristics of true love. Characteristics of true love is different from signs of true love and qualities of true love. There is also the need to know what is true love? Here is a rundown on the qualities of true love;

Commitment; the issue here is that true love involves commitment. The two partners are so committed and help each other to grow. They show lots of commitment in the relationship by obeying all the rules they have made for each other. Now, problem sets in when there is lack of commitment in the relationship by either of them, this makes the affected one passes through emotional pains. True love preaches commitment.

Passion; one major thing I have come to realize in my quest for love advice is that true lovers are too passionate about each other. They don’t allow anything to come in between them. They are too passionate to the extent that people around may call them stupid people. True love is crazy most times. The crazy thing here is what you can talk about to other pals. For instance, if you are sick and refuses to eat anything and your partner also refuses to eat just because you have refused to eat makes it crazy. What affect one affects the other. This also entails that no amount of time they spend together is enough. The solution is for both of them to spend time together forever! That is why true lovers always plan to get married.

Planning; in true love, the two partners plan everything together. They believe that investments and pulling of resources planning should be done together. This simply means one vision and goal. This is very important.

Best of friends; true lovers are always best of friends. This means that they find all in each other i.e, friendship, best of friends, lovers, sister, brother, mother, father, wife, husband and what have you.
Internal satisfaction; when you are in true love, believe me, this is one thing that differentiate true love from others; you feel satisfied internally when you spend time together with that person but feels empty especially when he/she is not around you. This feeling must be mutual and not one sided. If it’s one sided, it is not true love.

Quarreling; I have met true lovers and one unique thing they share is that they hardly quarrel. I know of some couples that people have asked; 'why is it that you both don't quarrel?’ people around them are confused about why they hardly quarrel. It is simply because they are in true love. They have their quarrels hidden and they settle it immediately. This is because they are model to others, it just happens; it is not of their doing but as a result of tolerance which is important characteristics of true love.

There are still some qualities of true love, I may likely give them out but this blog is all about true love and offering solutions to relationship problems. Why not ask me for your love advice? Email me or subscribe to be my follower.
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