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Signs that a man loves you can be tasking to deduce by ladies! This is because men naturally can pretend more than anything else on earth! Naturally, there are certain signs a man must display towards you if he loves you for real. You don’t have to obtain a degree in psychology in order to see or notice these signs of his true love. You don’t also have to study relationship books over night to conclude that a man really loves you judging from these signs of that he loves you! I have heard ladies complain bitterly about falling in love with the wrong guys many times. This is because they didn’t pay attention to the main signs that a man loves you.

To be in a relationship with an opposite sex whom you know loves you is like a dream come true. For ladies, finding the right guy (read up how to find true love and how to find your perfect match) is like dream that must come true but very difficult to accomplish.  Almost every lady wants to have a man that truly loves her, care for her, treat her special and always be there when she needs him (read the type of man you should never date). The truth is that most ladies are always scared of going into relationship because of relationship heart break (read how to  over come the fear of relationship). The fact is that most men are never real or true until they want to and in most cases, men pretend to be caring, loving etc just to get the desired lady. And when they are done with the lady, they just abandon her heartbroken!! This relationship fear has made many ladies not to embark on relationship and has also made it hard to distinguish between the good guys from the bad guys. In this post, will highlight 35 signs that a man who loves you for real must act towards you. Below are the 35 signs that he loves you:
1: Love to express his love to you
2: Love to call you and to be called by you
3: Love to text you from his heart and not from text message books
4: Love to strive harder to impress you such as writing love poems, reading love tips for your sake etc
5: Love to have your support in anything he does
6: Love your full company
7: Love to do almost everything with you.
8: Love reading your texts.
9: Love to spend the rest of his life with you.
10: Love to correct your flaws in a romantic way.
11: Love to spend quality time with you.
12: Love to treat you special.
13: Love to apologize when he is wrong.
14: Love you to always dress descent.
15: Love to always make you happy.
16: Love to always buy you gifts.
17: He will always be very hurt when you wrong him.
18: Forgiving you can be hard but he will always forgive you.
19: He can knee down for you if the need calls for it anytime, anywhere without considering the people around.
20: He will always consider you first before others, even himself.
21: He will automatically love your family members.
22: He will hate to see you cry: your tears should always bring out his remorse.
23: You can always get something from him: he must not always dance to your tone because if he doesn’t have his own position over something, it will be called infatuation.
24: Crying because of you must not be hard for him: any guy who loves you should be able to shed tears for your sake, he forget his pride.
25: He is often weak when it comes to you but very strong and manly to others.
26: Love to share his vision with you.
27: Love to hear your praises for his efforts over something
28: Will always love to make you the best of best
29: He will hate the word ‘cheating’ because he will find it difficult to cheat on you: (read up why men cheat in relationship)
30: He must have your mobile number right inside his brain, mind, even when he closes his eyes, your mobile number runs inside his imagination.
31: Will love to do new things with you
32He must hate to see you go
33: He will always find it very difficult to walk out on you
34: Help to keep anything you cherish so much even against his personal interest.
35: He Will always love to have your pictures around him almost everywhere: in his car, room, computer, mobile screen, office, his personal notes etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading signs that he loves you. These 35 signs that he loves you article was well written just for you and I hope you will share, like and comment about this post. Thanks for reading.
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