Another sign of True Love

This is the continuation of the last post on 3 signs you and your partner are intrue love, and I want to continue the post by talking about Communication as a sign that you and your partner are in true love. As I said in the last post, these signs must be exhibited by you and your partner at a reasonable balanced proportion level and none of you should suffer for the lack of one of the signs. Most times, we fall in love with someone who don't really love us so, if you and your partner are in true love, these 3 signs must be seen, noticed and felt by the two of you, the next true love sign is communication:

2. Communication
The importance of true and real communication in every relationship cannot be over stated at all. If you and your partner are in true love, the communication rate will be very high. It is what I call crazy communication. This happens when the two of you can't really feel at rest if you both haven't heard each other's voice.

There are lots of relationships out there where one of the partners are the ones doing the calling and communication. This means that the calling level is not balanced. Yeah, why should it be when the other person doesn't really love the other partner?

Don't deceive yourself, if someone does not truly love you, why should he/she call you regularly? Now, true love deals with the emotion, it deals with the inner being and the inner being needs satisfaction to be at rest, and this satisfaction in most cases is not physical. This is why those who are truly in love usually call each other regularly just to satisfy that inner being. Are you with me?

If your partner loves you for real, he/she will always put calling you, texting you, speaking with you, staying with you, doing things with etc first above most other things. I once heard of a relationship that is very dry. According to the gist, the two partners involved in the relationship can stay for days without hearing or seeing each other and they still claim to love each other! That is a very big lie! If you really love your partner, hearing his/her voice makes the difference in your life. If you really love your partner seeing him/her gives you rest of mind. But when you don't hear or see your partner and you are very much fine, you don't feel empty, you don't feel disturbed then, there is no true love at all. 

Accessibility and availability are very important in communication and true lovers must satisfy these two requirements for true and real communication in their relationship. I hope you really understand my post, the final true love sign will soon be written about. Make sure the love is true before you make up your mind to stay forever. Please, promote my blog by commenting, ‘like’ and sharing this post on facebook, twitter etc.


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