10 Most sexually stimulating parts in your man’s body

A man's sex stimulating parts

man's sexual sensitive body parts

Okay, I actually browsed this topic online to get varieties of parts in a man’s body that are super sexually stimulating! I know some of you really want to know this and to be frank, you should know it as a woman. There are many articles on the most sexually sensitive parts in a man’s body so, I decided to compile them up after browsing through the best of them all. Here are the most sexually stimulating areas in your man’s body that you shouldn’t joke with. I highly recommend that you and your man communicate effectively during the bedroom hours and try out new things and spots. Remember that a healthy sexual life is also part of healthy relationship. All the parts of your man’s body that are sexually sensitive which I’m about to list can be stimulated by using the tongue, hand, finger and the mouth gently and slowly. Below are the most sexually stimulating parts in your man’s body:

1. Penis: Especially the very top though all the parts of the penis are very sensitive but the top seems very reactive to external touch, kissing or sensitive feelings.

2. The Nipples: You know his nipples right? They are very sensitive and super relaxing for him. Try it out by gently kissing them.

3. His stomach: His stomach is one area that really get him in the mood. Gently rub it with your hand or make zigzag movements with your finger or use your tongue to do the magic.

4. Earlobe: This part is best stimulated using your tongue and mouth gently on it. Make sure you stimulate it for a very long time.

5. The back of his thigh. Gently make a zigzag movement around this part and watch him react sexually. Your tongue can also do miracle here.

6. His neck: I believe the neck is very sensitive to both men and women. Your tongue is better used here and gentle kisses during the moment can also be very useful and stimulating. (You know what I mean!)

7. Perineum: This area is between your man’s genitals (scrotum) and his anus! The clear connection between his anus and his genitals remains one of his sexually stimulating areas. Your fingers can do magic there if you can gently touch it. The same goes with your hands on that area. If your tongue can go down there, it can be fun for him. 

8. His Testicles: Your mouth down this area of his body can make him go gaga and forget that very important football match!

9. His Fraenulum: The F Spot refers to that tiny knob of flesh underneath the crown of his penis, where the head connects to the shaft. If you can use your mouth down there, it can be crazy. Your hands can also do the magic too.

10. His Chest: This area is not giving the deserved attention by many ladies. The truth is that your man’s chest is loaded with sexual reaction. Just gently rub it, kiss it, use your tongue on it and watch him grab you!

I hope you give some of these areas some attentions if you have not be doing so. Men easily feel sexual touches than women. 10 most sexually stimulating parts in your man’s body is dedicated to the ladies out there who love to sexually explore their partners body parts simply for sexual satisfaction.

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