Another love Poem! (I'm in Love!)

love poem

I'm in Love !!!

Love is all over me!!!
It is sitting inside of me
Now I can say: I’m in love for real!
I can feel the mighty hands of love
Subduing me!
I can see the power of love turning me around
For I see nothing but love, for I
Feel nothing but love…
It is stronger than I ever imagined, it is everywhere
I can’t express how deep it is
but deeper than river Nile
I can’t describe how wide it is
but wider than the sky
For I can’t explain how sweet it is but sweeter than honey
I’m in love finally
I plea this shall be my last
I plea that the warm hands of love to remain with me forever
I plea, love accompany me to my grave when I say farewell to mother earth
Love is painful but the pains are sweet
Love is difficult but its difficulties are easy
Love is weakening but its weakness makes me stronger
The road is rocky but I’m sure of green grass at the end
Love is risk but it’s worth it
Love is hard to find sure, I will keep this one
Now I feel loved as it around me
Now I see happiness and shake hands with it
Now I come alive because I was once dead
Now I can feel the breath of life sure, love cometh with it
Now, I can feel my inner being jumping
I'm now happy for no reason
Now, I’m excited to see the next day
Now, I feel so good and special
Just because I’m in LOVE

A single long stanza love poem. Read, LIKE, comment and Share with your friends.


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