Tips for surviving post break up reality


The break up reality is always difficult to accept but the best thing we can do is to accept the reality with a good heart. Break up is one of the main reasons people become scared of going into relationship. Just as divorce is a scaring reality in marriages today, that is how break up is to committed relationship. I must admit that break up is very difficult to handle. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you by telling you it is easy to survive the post break up reality! In this post, I will be discussing how you can survive the post break up reality. The following tips will help you survive one of the most difficult realities in human endavour which is the reality of break up!

How to Survive the post break up reality

  • Accept the reality: You must accept that this break up is real and stop living in illusion that it will not work or last. This has been the problem of many ladies surviving post break up reality because they usually think the break up will not last. Yeah, sometimes break up don’t last because of fear of it not that the partners don’t desire to break up but the fear of the pains and jealousy of seeing the other partner falling in love prevent the break up from taking place. This is absolutely wrong, you have to accept the reality of break.
  • Forget about the past: many people usually dwell on the past fun of the relationship. This is why they find it difficult to move on. You must forget about the past no matter how beautiful or sad the past was to you and your ex partner. Forget the past and let the past be for good.
  • Forgiveness: you have to forgive. Forgiveness is the key towards surviving post break up reality. This is because forgiveness helps clear your heart of heaviness and pains. Learn to forgive yourself and your ex partner wholeheartedly.
  • Don’t compete: many people think once they break up, the next is to compete with their ex partner. This is wrong okay, because if you have the mindset of competing with your partner and you aren’t meeting up with your ex, you may be tempted to do things you wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances. 
  • Don’t do anything to get back at your partner: if you engage in actions that is solely to get back at your partner then, be ready to encounter so many other heart break in the future because you will likely fall in the hands of a wrong person again. This may lead you into doing things that will hurt your self esteem in the future.
  • Don’t jump into another relationship so fast: hay, you should give yourself a break. Never jump into another relationship so fast. The number one reason many ladies experience so many heart breaks in their entire life before settling for marriage is because they usually jump into another relationship immediately after break up. Where are you running to my dear? The best thing to do after break up is to examine your life and actions. Find out what led to the break up and try to adjust in your own best way so that the same thing won’t repeat itself in your future relationship. Many people have thrown this aspect of their life to the air. Find out if it was lack of compatibility or understanding or religious differences that led to the break up.  This will help you make a better choice in the future. (Read up the following articles: Understanding and Love in relationship, Religion vs Love  and  Compatibility vs Love)
  • Don’t engage in sexual acts: especially for ladies out there, ensure you avoid sexual relationship with guys immediately after your break up. You may fall deeply inside of it and you may find it difficult to come out. The more men you have sex with, the more you will lose yourself worth as a lady. Avoid using sex as a means of surviving the post break up reality.
  • Talk less about the experience of your past relationship: try and avoid talking too much about your ex and what he/she stood for you. Just let it go and wish him/her well in life.
  • Don’t cast your ex or yourself or the relationship: I have always preached on this. Try and be positive about your ex. No matter how bad your ex was to you, there is something good about him/her. Endavour you remember this and avoid casting him/her.
  • Don’t break your sim: so many people end up breaking their sims because they have broken up with their ex! Hay, how many sims will you break in this life? Breaking your sim is a true evidence that you are still dwelling in the past, living in pains and vexing which are not healthy for you and your future relationship.

I hope these tips will help you survive the reality of post break up and help push you forward. I have written this post from the deepest part of my heart. Remember, you can always get it right even after your break up with that special person you fell in love with. Please, help me promote this website by doing these three simple things: Click the facebook like icon to LIKE this article, Share this article with your friends on facebook, twitter, Dig, google plus, pin interest etc and finally, comment your thoughts about this article and the topic using any of the comment box below.


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