How to make your man think about you the more!

A lady who knows how to make her man think about her always
It is very possible to make your man think about you the more! Yeah, you can increase his rate of thought of you by doing these very simple tips I will be dishing out on this article! As we all know, men are adventurous beings and as a result, many of them only remember their partner only when they need to go ‘uhh’ hahahaha, hope you know what I mean by that! Funny me right? Well, that is the simple truth but be assured that if you follow these simple tips, you can get your man thinking about you the more! And hope you know that if he thinks of you the more, it means he is likely going to treat you very special as a woman. So, below are some very simple tips on how to make your man think about you the more:

Tips on how to make your man think about you the more

  • Tell him he is looking cute whenever he is actually looking cute and whenever he is not looking cute, simply tell him: “honey, you really look cute but I think you will look better when you put on this or that…”  Are you with me? Simply appreciate your man’s outfit and boost his fashion ego by kindly recommending outfits for him!
  • Invest on his fashion: Hay lady, don’t think you’re the only one who values fashion more when compared with your man! We love fashion too! Ensure you invest heavily on your man’s fashion to the point that most of his clothes will come from you. You know when you do this, most of the clothes he will be wearing originates from you. This means that whenever he wears his clothes, he immediately will think of you!
  • Invest on his perfume: I know this is also part of his fashion but I separated it so that I can make you understand how important it is to us. Men love perfume so much and you just have to ensure you think of the best perfumes for your man. This will increase his thoughts of you as a caring woman!
  • Show intense support: As a lady, you have to learn how to show your man intense support. A lady who supports her man positively never loses her value in his sight! Men love very smart women and you have to show how smart you are towards supporting him achieve the collective goals of the relationship. Learn how to support your man, it is very important dear. (read up: Your role as a woman in your relationship).
  • Text him unconditionally: most ladies usually reciprocate love text messages because it came first from the man! This is not such a good idea my dear: try to increase the number of times you send him love text messages too.
  • Be romantic inside: every man wants a decent lady outside but a dirty naughty lady inside. Do you know what this means? What it means is that you ensure you tease him with high level of romance and romantic words or behavour especially whenever the both of you are indoors. I once heard of a man who said his wife is free to wear all kinds of miniskirts inside but not outside. Hehehehehe, that is men for you! Read up the following articles:
  • Give him hot sex: Yeah, if you really want him to always think of you, you have to learn how to be a master on bed too. We men can’t deny it that we like sex. It is easier for a guy to forget a lady whom he never had sex with compare to a lady he had sex with, hehehehehe! Well, I will be writing on sexual tips for ladies soonest. I hope you will get it too. It is very important you drive your man crazy with your sexual escapades!

Wow, I can’t imagine I have written this long article about this topic. I hope you ladies out there can learn from these tips and increase the rate your man thinks of you! It is very important you drive your man crazy and make him feel somehow incomplete without. Apply the above tips correctly and your man will often think of you. All the best my dear and please, do me a simple favour: help promote this site by doing very simple things: help like this article, share it on your social network sites and drop your comment on how to make your man think about you.
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