Love Poem

                                                       It is All About Us 

I have made up my mind to be with you
Nothing can change that except us
The us is bigger and stronger than them
Lets unite and fight our course
Like we have never fought before
To be there for each other, show love and trust,
To show commitment and passion
To be available for the love we share
To give and accept from each other
Lets live like no other exist
It is about us and not about them

What we feel for each other is sweet
An experience I will never like to replace
Others said we can’t make it but we can if
Only we can cherish what we share
The battle is severe but we can fight it together
The sun is harsh but we can withstand it together
The temptation to disappoint is high but we can defeat it together
Expectations are high but together we can meet up
The outside world is not encouraging but we can rewrite history for good

It is about us and not about them
Love is worth the pains and the happiness
All I think is us in a world where others are like us
There are many haters here but the sight of you makes everything lovely
The happiness you generate inside of me is unexplainable
Sweetheart, I love us
I love this journey we have embarked upon
I want you to be mine
When I cry, I will like to cry on you
When I smile, I will like to smile on you
When I laugh, I want to laugh with you
Be my rock, my solid rock, lets live this single life that we have come together
Remember, it is all about you and I

It is about us


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