Tips for making your online relationship very romantic


Online relationship is growing more popular these days. There are many reasons for the rapid growth in the number of online love relationship. But the number one reason is because of the increase in online communication. There are many online chat applications and social network sites available for everyone these days and many people are capitalizing on this. Online love relationship or online dating can be very fun if you and your partner can apply these tips I want to share here. I have come to realize that so many people still don’t believe that online love relationship can work out despite the popularity of online dating. Believe it or not, online relationship is just like the offline relationship. If you and your partner choose to make it work and apply all the basic and advance tips necessary to make offline relationship work, be assured that your online relationship will work out too (read up Why most relationships don't work out and 5 secrets to successful relationship).  Follow the below tips to make your online love relationship very romantic:

How to make your online relationship romantic

  • Communicate crazily

You can communicate with your partner crazily. Crazy communication is all about communicating with your partner using almost all the available means of communication in our present dispensation. In the present world, you can communicate with all sorts of communication enabled devices. Communication makes relationship fun (read up: How to make your relationship to be fun). Try to communicate with your partner crazily and enjoy the benefits therein. Crazy communication is one way to make relationship fun. Below are some of the ways you and your partner can communicate to each other crazily:

  • Flirt often: the both of you should flirt as often as possible. There are various private chat apps available for the both of you. Ensure you people use them to flirt lovely.
  • Dirt talks: Since there is no way to make love between you and your partner, ensure dirty talks become part of you both.
  • Share intimate pictures together: you both can always share the most cherished and private pictures together! This ensures intimacy is built between the both of you! It is very important.

  • Share live picture together: live pictures are pictures/images of things happening at the moment. For instance, you may be at an event, all you have to do is take pictures of some of the happenings at the event and upload it privately to your partner.
  • Share voice notes often: international call can be very expensive but thanks to many available chat apps that ensure lovers across the sea exchange voice messages. Voice messages are very nice and can create this togetherness and closeness between you and your partner.
  • Share video messages: I love to share video messages with friends in other countries. Lovers dating online should endeavor to record short videos and share privately with each other periodically. (Check out: How and why you need effective communication in your relationship)

Other tips for enhancing romance in your online relationship

  • Talk about the future: it is very important the both of you talk about the future and what it holds for the both of you. This is quite romantic if properly done.
  • Do things together: It is always very romantic both of you do things together. Doing things together can be fun and below are list of things the both of you can do together even while far away:

  1. Play games together
  2. Watch movies together
  3. Watch television programmes together
  4. Watch online programmes together
  5. Join the same groups and engage in group chats together

There are other things to do to enhance romance between you and your partner in your online relationship but these ones are quite difficult to do these days:

  • Use each others’ pictures as profile pictures in your top social network sites such as facebook, twitter etc.
  • Publicly declare love for each other on your timeline especially on facebook.
  • Use tweeter to periodically confess love for each other
  • Upload pictures of each other on your social network sites and say something sweet and romantic for the public to see.

Well, I have come to the end of this article: tips for making your online relationship very romantic. I hope you enjoyed it. These tips work very well. Learn to apply them and watch your online relationship turn romantic and very fun. If you have read this article, do encourage me and promote this site by doing these three simple things: Click the facebook button to like this article, share this article on your social network profile such as facebook, twitter, google plus, dig, pin interest etc and comment on the article using any of the comment widgets below. Don’t forget to browse through my other interesting articles on this site.
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