Characteristics of true love

The first characteristics of true love I will be talking about here is that true love does not encourage privacy. Now, most couples do make use of the word ‘me’ ‘I’ ‘mine’ instead of ‘our’ ‘us’ ‘we’. In true love, you don’t have your own privacy from your partner because the concept of love means that one plus one equates one and not two. There is the need of the same bank account, the same phone pass word, the same face book account, twitter, business and so on. This will help to bring down the rate of suspect and increase love rate in the relationship. true love advice here will help you understand some of the characteristics of true love in love relationship.

Talking about social networks, they have caused lots of problems in relationships. This is why I advised the use of one account. If both of you are truly in love then, you both should show it to each other by suspending privacy. If your man claims to love you as he proclaims, he should be able to allow you to pick his calls when he is not disposed. You should also allow him to pick your own calls as well. True lovers should know the phone numbers in each others phone contacts and email inbox. Both of you can exchange phones and go out with it. Look, both married couples should work in the same place if very possible.

Women should listen to their men and stop feeling being dictated to but see it as a means of protection. Men will always want to protect their women and that is how it was meant from the beginning. There is no privacy in true love; anything that belongs to you belongs to her. This means you are forbid to say ‘it is mine own’ but to say ‘it is our own or it is for me and my wife or me and my girl friend’
Can you hide things from yourself? Since both of you are one, then, hiding things means hiding things from yourself and it doesn’t make sense at all. Men are more wrong in this area than women. Pleas guys, allow your woman access to your phones, laptops, email, business, decisions, account, and expenditures. Look, you can’t do it alone that was why God made Eve for Adam. when you find true love, please don't make that mistake of many people by letting its slip off you, handle it with care by avoiding unnecessary privacy. seek for true love and relationship advice such as this one you are getting for free and apply the advice given there.
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