Mistakes most ladies make while in serious relationship with men: avoid them all!

There are several mistakes most ladies make in their committed relationship with us men. I have realized some of these mistakes and I have come up with lists of them so that you can be aware of these mistakes. In addition, I have come up with tips on how you too can avoid making these mistakes as you relate with that man you’re in a committed relationship with.
In the movie, ‘Think Like a Man’ I realized that there are so many things ladies were directly and indirectly advised to do in order to find out if he is truly for you or just for the sex! But I realized further that most of these things or tips proffered in that movie don’t really count because most men are smarter than that these days! Below are some of the mistakes most ladies make while in a serious relationship with men:

  • Thinking that men decide via sex: seriously speaking, I have heard of women who tell me that whatever they desire they can get it using their sexual power on men. No wonder Beyounce sang a song saying ‘we run the world girls’. Stop deceiving yourself because you don’t run men. Men run you guys! If you think you can make a man to love you or accept you because you offered him incredible and amazing sex then, you are terribly deceiving yourself! You can’t use sex to judge any man. Sex is very physical to men than you ladies think of!
  • Thinking he can’t do without you: Forget it, men are something else when it comes to surviving. No matter how much he loves you, I’m very sure he can always survive without you. Many ladies are carried away by their deceptive illusion that men who are in love can’t do without the women they love. To an extent, a man may find it difficult when he can’t have access to the woman he loves so much. Do you know the other side of the truth? If someone else offers him certain amount of pleasure constantly, he can always move on. Men are adventurous being. Men love to chase and to achieve what they chased. Most men get satisfied only when they set out a goal, chase the goal and achieve the goal!
  • Thinking that the man who proposed to you loves you more:

I will not conclude that any man who proposes to you doesn’t love you at all. What I’m saying is that it is one of the mistakes most ladies make thinking that the man who proposed is the one who love more. Unlike how women see marriage; men see marriage as part of a goal they are to achieve so as to add to what they have achieved already. A man may love you more but he doesn’t have the resources he needs to set up a family with you. The one who proposed to you could believe that he is ready for marriage. Hope you understand what I’m saying here. This simple reason is why so many marriages today are not what the women fantasized about prior to the marriage! Think deeper my dear!
  • How do you decide if he loves you?

I see many women make this particular mistake…according to a typical lady’s signs of true love from a man: if he buys you gifts, knees for you, plays with you, cries for you etc then, he loves you so much and he can’t do without you! I’m laughing because we men can do anything; I mean just anything to get under your skirt! Forget his actions towards you though they matter but that shouldn’t form the ground bases of measuring his love for you. That a man chased you restlessly doesn’t mean he loves you so much. 

That a man continued chasing you even after you poured him water doesn’t mean he loves you so much and he is the one for you, that a man calls your line every minute doesn’t mean he is not chasing after your downstream sector etc. The point I’m making here is that you should stop judging a man’s love for you with his physical actions though as I said initially, they count but they can be misleading. I will share with you all a story of a lady I’m working on in one of my next articles.

  • Thinking that if he loves you he will wait without having sex with you till after your wedding! No man can be judged with this. Men naturally are sex freak! It all depends on the type of man you find. That a man is waiting for you till your wedding night before he goes to bed with you doesn’t mean he loves you so much. I don’t have much space to continue talking about this for now.

I hope you have seen some of the mistakes most ladies make while in serious relationship with men. I hope you will start avoiding these mistakes in your own relationship. There are still other mistakes I see women make in relationship but I will only write more on this topic if I see my readers sharing this article on facebook, twitter etc and further drop their comments below. Thanks for reading.  


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